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what does "Degree Program with Available Slot" in UPCAT

Application Policies for Transferees and Shiftees. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS. According to the number of slots available for that program. With an extension program in. To get into a degree program other than that. If there are available slots. COLLEGE DEGREE PROGRAM DILIMAN Q TA AY. “Pasa ba ang Pending? Eh ang Degree Program with Available ... FAQ 3: My name is on the UPCAT passers list, and although I already have a campus assigned to me, my course is “Degree Program with Available Slot”. What does this mean? Ans: It means you made the cutoff score of your choice campus. Unfortunately, both of the courses you listed (in the campus you got into) were in demand, and the slots for ... Up Diliman Degree Program With Available Slots Up Diliman Degree Program With Available Slots. up diliman degree program with available slots By clicking the button above, Post University has your consent to use automated ...Online and Campus College Degrees. Orientation on Degree Program with Available Slots - iskWiki! Orientation on Degree Program With Available Slots (DPWAS) on 02 March 2015 (Monday), 1:00pm at the University Theater, UP Diliman, Quezon City. As of 16 February 2015. NOTE: Please check this site on 20 April 2015 for updates on Undergraduate Degree Programs With Available Slot Watch Orientation Program

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UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS WITH AVAILABLE SLOT. As of 16 February 2015. NOTE: Please check this site on 20 April 2015 for updates on Undergraduate Degree Programs With Available Slot. CLUSTER A - ARTS and LETTERS. College of Arts and Letters (CAL) BA Arts Studies Up Courses With Available Slots -

Not sure if you already know the answer but this basically means you passed the grade requirement of the campus but did not meet the quota or the degree program you wanted. Now you can choose any degree program in the campus that still has available slots (not sure how one would come to know the slots though as I was not a DPWAS person)

The Certification in Professional Education (CPE) is a non-degree program started in 1984 which offers at least 18 units of professional education courses to qualify a non-education baccalaureate degree holder to teach in the elementary or secondary school as …

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UP Reconsideration Experience : Philippines remember that if you are already happy with your degree program in the UPCAT letter, you don’t need to fill-up those particular fields. i remember a university friend who had a younger sister who passed UPCAT. her sister passed for the Stat course, but she insisted that her sister should fill-up the fields, putting ComSci as the 1st priority ... UP Admissions and University of the Philippines Acceptance ... Hence he ends up with this when he finds out about his acceptance: DPWAS or Degree Program With Available Slot - meaning he may only enroll under a course that has an available slot. Sure, he's in, but he doesn't really have complete control over his course choice, though transferring is always an option. Dfa Available Slots - Slot Machine In Spanish